SUSHMA Foundation Go Green Initiative

On 27th, July I was on my morning walk at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh just as usual. I was stopped by a young group of volunteers who were distributing Green Potted Plants near the parking. It was quite a nice surprise which made the beginning of my day very pleasant, after asking them I got to know that they were from SUSHMA Foundation and were working under their ‘Go Green’ initiative. They were distributing plants on the occasion of Nature Conservation Day. I was very delighted that big corporates are also taking out the time for such thoughtful drives. Few years ago, I used to take up few kids from my locality and plant trees around our area. This initiative by SUSHMA Foundation reminded me of my zeal of conserving nature. The very same day, I went out with a few kids and planted almost 25 saplings in and around my area. Thanks Sushma for reminding and inspiring many others like me to take care of Mother Nature.

Atul Verma
Sector 7, Chandigarh

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