Feeding the Needy in Tricity

I have to give my heartfelt thanks to SUSHMA for its initiative ‘FOOD FOR ALL’. Feeding the hungry is such a selfless act of humanity. It is a fact that there is lot of wastage of food at homes and restaurants. There have been times when we have lot of extra food at our place, which is both fresh and healthy, but we have no way to reach out to the hungry and feed them. Nobody has the extra time or patience to do it every day. But with the food collection van right outside our society, it is a blessing. We give the leftover food or extra vegetables to the SUSHMA FOUNDATION collection van. We are witnessing an increase in contribution by the residents. It feels so good that food is no more thrown out and wasted, but instead is going to feed the less fortunate. My daughter was so inspired by this initiative of SUSHMA Group that she asked to celebrate her birthday by giving freshly cooked food to the van and feed 50 kids. Gone are the days when food was wasted and thrown away in bins. This initiative is truly a remarkable one and inspires many people.

Amit Dua
Resident, Sushma Crescent

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