About us

As the largest real estate developer of the region, SUSHMA Group has contributed to the development of the region. But, as a leader in the development, there is also a strong need to give back to the community. Thus, SUSHMA Foundation was established as a Not for Profit organisation to meet this need. Subsequently, four pillars were created to ensure SUSHMA Foundation meets the highest standards of social responsibility and accomplishes every goal it set out to, with great ease. These were; ‘Food for All’, ‘Suraksha’, ‘Little Wings’ and ‘Green Prints’. The key element which unites all these endeavors is the will to create. Create a hunger-free world, create a haven for children, create a healthy population and create a greener lifestyle for all.

Our Initiatives

  • The right to eat is something that anyone and everyone should be able to exercise at any or all point of times. This is where ‘Food for All’ comes in – An initiative by SUSHMA Foundation to feed needy people in Tricity with many hotels, restaurants, and countless residents committed to feeding underprivileged children in the area.
  • Every child deserves the best care and nurturing from the very beginning of their life. SUSHMA Foundation works towards it under the “Little Wings” initiative. A Crèche where under privileged children gets the care and nurturing from the very beginning of their lives.
  • Health is wealth, and SUSHMA Foundation certainly believes it. ‘Suraksha’, a healthcare initiative by SUSHMA Foundation is working towards improving healthcare in the Tricity through undertakings such as blood donation drives, health check-ups for senior citizens, and many more.
  • Clean air, clean water, and cleaner living. All this speaks to the need of the hour and the commitment of SUSHMA Foundation. So, it began ‘Green Prints’, an initiative to make the Tricity become greener. We are devoted towards working to maintain the roundabouts, road dividers in the area, greenery inside communities, and many more. This initiative also contributes towards other means of making nature flourish across various parts of the region.